Little Town of the Fishes

Memory. Such an insubstantial and prosaic notion. Fragmented ideations and chronologies make up my recollections of the people I have met, the places I have experienced and the knowledge that I have acquired. It is a source of perplexity that these memories - as some would say - are the sum total of my individuality, they are, in essence, who I am. If this is the case then why can I not grasp them from the fog and make them clear? Why do they allude and continue to confuse with their incoherence and disconnection? Is my singular identity as vague? Could I be observed to be as insubstantial?

To revisit a place is not the same as to revisit your memories of a place and to attempt to reconcile them; one would be on the path to a false syllogism. For logic is inconsequential next to memory. With this in mind I took it upon myself to revisit Tenby - a place I believed I knew intimately - and co-linearly re-examine my memories of Tenby to make this body of work.

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Thereafter, Whielden Lane  

My mother passed away after a prolonged illness in the summer of 2012. Having left the family home I was once familiar with, as an adolescent long before, I became distanced from the daily routines of my parents and the home in which they spent their final years of marriage together. What had however always been apparent was the prevalence of my mother's taste on these surroundings. This for me had been a comfortable reminder of home, recalling the contentment's of childhood. My father, who now lives alone, has had to come to terms with how much of his wife's latent presence to keep and what - if any -character of his own he could place on this space. 

Although I feel that this is a somewhat Perfunctory process, It is also one which, I feel, gives a certain amount of comfort to my father in knowing he is able to carry on living his life without the woman he loves.In making this book, I wished to reconcile my feelings for my mother alongside the changes my father sensed he would have to make to the familial home in recognising what he needed to keep and what he could safely discard.

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