Artist Statement

I am a fine art photographer who specialises in contemporary narrative documentary and am currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North East of England.

My praxis is a reflection upon the human condition within the context of the built environment and as a consequence, the choices we make both collectively and as individuals. I exclusively engage photography to explicate sociocultural, psychological and perceptual argument within the western context of post-modernist discourse and whilst I acknowledge, the causal relationship between photography and our perceived reality my intention is to examine the ontological truth-value of photography within the context of society's continuing confidence in photography's ability to represent the real world.

Now That's What I Call Art 3

The Auxiliary, Middlesborough ● 7th July 2023 - 22nd July 2023

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Now That's What I Call Art 2

Newcastle Contemporary Art ● 6th April 2023 - 29th April 2023

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Now That's What I Call Art

Newcastle Contemporary Art ● 16th December 2021 - 14th January 2022

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Commonplace Beauty

Online Exhibition ● 12th August - 12th September 2021

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Manner of Flying

System Gallery ● 6th - 10th September 2019

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Four Pack

System Gallery ● 4th - 9th July 2019

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HCA Photography 

Alumni Exhibition  

Canwood Gallery ● 4th - 29th June 2018

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Photograd's First

Birthday Exhibition

University of Suffolk ● 9th - 17th April 2017

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